I write Historical Fiction about medieval Britain. In my first four books, come witness the tumultuous events surrounding the Viking Invasion with Canute the Great and his heirs. Visit late Anglo-Saxon England with Earl Godwine, Harold Godwineson, and King Edward the Confessor; see Macbeth's and Malcolm III's Scotland, and watch events unfold leading to the Battle of Hastings and the Norman Conquest.

ELEVENTH CENTURY ENGLAND: Available in Paperback, Kindle, and AUDIBLE



In my new series, The Plantagenet Legacy, I will explore the reigns of the last true Plantagenet King, Richard II and his successors, Henry IV, Henry V and Henry VI. The usurpation of Richard II paves the way for the terrible conflict of the Wars of the Roses and dynastic struggles that shatter the fifteenth century.



From the day he was crowned, Henry V was determined to prove the legitimacy of his house. His father's usurpation weighed heavily on his mind. Only a grand gesture would capture the respect of his own countrymen and the rest of Europe. He would follow in his great-grandfather Edward III's footsteps, and recover lost territory in France. Better yet, why not go for the crown? Poor, deranged Charles VI couldn't manage his own barons. The civil war between the Burgundians and Armagnacs was more of a threat to his country than the English, even after Henry laid siege to Harfleur. But once Harfleur had fallen, the French came to their senses and determined to block his path to Calais and destroy him. By the time the English reached Agincourt, they were starving, exhausted, and easy pickings. Or so the French thought. Little did they reckon on Henry's leadership and the stout-hearted English archers who proved, once again, that numbers didn't matter when God was on their side.

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Born in St. Louis MO with a degree in English Literature from University of Missouri, I learned about living history as a re-enactor and have been enamored with historical fiction ever since. A move to New York to do research and two careers ensued, but having come full circle from frustrated writer to entrepreneur back to writer again, I am redefining myself as I enter my middle ages. When I am not selling Real Estate, I write Historical Fiction mainly about 11th Century Britain. I live in Sergeantsville, NJ with my husband in a log home we had built ourselves.